How do I wash my rainbowsuit properly?

washing instructions

Washing and care instructions

Please note the washing instructions inside your suit! Close zippers before washing. Please do not bleach the suits, do not put them in a dryer and do not dry clean them! During these treatments, the coatings of the fabrics and the filling materials (e.g. filling of grippers) can be damaged. Commercially available mild detergents without fabric softener are suitable as detergents. Please do not iron the suits.

Suits with white parts:
Wash separately, we recommend washing as gently as possible at max. 30 ° C in the delicate washing program.

All other suits:
Wash separately, we recommend washing as gently as possible at max. 40 ° C in the delicate washing program.

After washing, if necessary, tumble dry the suit gently (at low speed), take them out of the washing machine immediately and dry them on the clothes line (avoid direct sunlight and hang up in the shade if possible).

Good to know

rainbowsuits suits stand for quality and durability. However, in order not to unnecessarily strain the service life of the suit, please note the following points:

  • To put on and take off the suit, open the zippers completely and take off your shoes
  • Do not expose the suit to unnecessary UV radiation (sunlight)
  • New, tight-fitting suits widen a little after a few jumps
  • Baggy suits are made extra long in the forearm and calf area to ensure better braking effects and freedom of movement
  • Polycotton forearms are also made extra long in order to achieve the desired braking effect through the "fabric cuffs"
  • To protect the material, do not walk unnecessarily on booties
  • With swoop cords adjust the hand straps to your own arm length

Washing video

A washing video will soon be shown here, in which we will explain exactly what you have to pay attention to when washing your rainbowsuits suit...

Long live your Skysuit!