Dragster EX

for freefly – indoor & outdoor

from € 480,- (incl. VAT)

Our Dragster EX partly consists of multi-layer fabrics. The outer material Siplex is very durable, offers agility even with a tight fit and still guarantees the user freedom of movement. The skin-friendly inner lining makes a significant contribution to wearing comfort even at high free fall speeds and the associated vibrations. Elastic Cordura spandex in the elbows, backs of the knees and upper knees increase freedom of movement when moving in the sit/headdown position. Multi-layer spandex parts emphasize the modern, slim cut. The collar as well as the cuffs in the arm and foot area are made of spandex, an elastic foot loop fixes the suit in the shoe. The ergonomic knee reinforcement adds a sporty look to the Dragster EX. The piping, collar and thread colors can be selected at no extra charge.

For Fast-Movers we recommend a loose fit combined with Cordura arms and legs.




Butt and knee reinforcements

made of durable Cordura protect the sensitive areas from wear and tear when sitting and kneeling in the aircraft, during landing and packing.


Freefly Grippers

Freefly grippers strips in the thigh area enable safe grips when exiting and in freefall, even with slim fits.


Cordura for forearms and lower legs

We recommend Cordura for forearms and lower legs for heavy, fast-falling jumpers. Due to the higher rigidity of the material, a higher resistance and correspondingly slower fall speed is achieved.

Summer Dragster embroidery in the leg area


If desired, sponsors or company names can be embroidered on the suit.



Rushorders are manufactured in half the normal delivery time.



Our delivery times vary depending on the order situation and the jumping season. The current delivery times are approx. 4 weeks.

Rushorders are made in half the normal delivery time. Please note that there are additional charges for express delivery.