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Freefly Jacket

The freefly jacket is the perfect supplement to our freefly pants. Both pieces become a unit when worn together or can be worn separately.

It is made from durable polycotton and the approx. 16 cm wide elastic waistband ensures a secure fit. The jacket comes with long lasting Velcro closures on the arms, a two piece front zipper and an inner pocket. Like the other models, the freefly jackets are also available in three fits:

  • slim
  • normal
  • extra wide


Designs can be finished to customer specifications. 


Camera jacket with wings

A double layered nylon wing is built into the jacket under the arm. Universal use; especially handy when you’re in a hurry. Slip into your jacket, hook on the wings and off you go! Has swoop cords for tensioning. The adjustable wing attachment tapes are hooked on to the leg strap buckles with RSL carabiners. Price: 172,- EUR plus VAT.


Have a look: Camera Suit 

High collar

Compared with the normal V-collar, the high collar is closed around the whole neck (up to the larynx).


Swoop cords

Swoop cords are hand loops, which enable the jumper to tension the generously dimensioned material in the upper body area like a wing – for heavy jumpers! Swoop cords are not an option on tight fitting suits.


Custom design

Finished to your specifications. Price depends on the amount of work involved. Please feel free to ask us for advice.



Rushorders are finished in half the normal delivery time.



  • high collar
  • swoop cords
  • freefly-grips
  • individual designs