for indoor bodyflying & outdoor freefly

from € 450,- (incl. VAT)

The Flow is designed for indoor (wind tunnel) and outdoor (freefly) areas and offers the medium-weight user a wide range. The combination of our aerodynamic Siplex fabric and durable spandex guarantees agility with a high degree of freedom of movement. Optional elbow and knee pads made of durable neoprene protect sensitive areas, especially when flying indoors.

Our Flow suits are developed and tested in the Technical Windtunnel (ILR) in cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden (ITM) in regards of durability, agility, energy efficiency and comfort.


From now on we also offer full print fabrics. We are happy to implement your desired designs, or you can choose from our existing patterns Scribble, Poly, Leo and Retro to spice up your suit.

You can find more information about our prints here: Fullprint




Neopren pads

If desired, the elbow and knee areas can be padded with durable neoprene.

two-tone embroidery in the chest area


If desired, sponsors or company names can be embroidered on the suit.

Scribble, Poly, Leo & Retro Druck


From now on we also offer you full print. Choose from our 4 patterns (Scribble, Poly, Leo and Retro) or send us your desired design.



Rushorders are manufactured in half the normal delivery time.



Our delivery times vary depending on the order situation and the jumping season. The current delivery times are approx. 4 weeks.

Rushorders are made in half the normal delivery time. Please note that there are additional charges for express delivery.