rainbow. suits. you.

We tailor suits for skydivers and bodyflyers.

Individual designs & custom-made products for hobbies, competitions & special ops.

Made in Fehrbellin.



A brand of rainbow design GmbH. We have been producing skydiving suits and wind tunnel suits - individual designs and custom-made products - for hobby, competition and military ops for more than 25 years at the Airfield Fehrbellin (Brandenburg).

With TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH we also operate a professional skydiving center. Experience gained in daily jumping operations flows directly into the development and perfecting of our products. Long-term close cooperation with top-class competition jumpers serves the constant further development of competition-oriented suits.

We produce tailor-made quality products for sporting records, TV productions and military applications. Tandem handicap systems are also part of our range. We are Germany's largest and most experienced manufacturer of skydiving clothing and are among the most innovative developers in this area. Products are sold online, on site or through our dealers.

We are pleased to support you with the measurement information, choice of materials, design and also offer an extensive dealer network, which we are happy to expand at any time: If you are interested, please contact Uwe Reichert.