Camera Suit

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Camera Suit

The best tool for camera jumpers. With the help of the wings one can adapt precisely to the different falling speeds of the teams / tandems. The fall rate is varied very directly and quickly with the wing position.

Depending on the application and body weight, the camera combination can be ordered with either small or large wings. The small wings go from the forearm to the waist, they consist of two layers of nylon fabric. The wing tension takes place over the hand loop. This variant we recommend small, lightweight video jumper.

The large wings go from the forearm over the waist and are fixed with plug clips in the middle of the thigh. The wing tension can be adjusted via the hand loops and the wing band. We particularly recommend this variant for formation and tandem video jumpers. The choice of material on the front and the cut of the forearms influences the fall speed. Nylon combis have a faster fall rate than polycotton combos because of the smooth surface. Stretch forearms give a faster fall rate than polycotton forearms.

Of course, camera suits can be upgraded with many useful options. Another variant for video jumper is the camera jacket, the wing of this jacket is attached by means of a snap shackle in the leg strap fitting of the parachute harness. The camera jacket can also be worn over other suits or combined with our Freeflypant, Bootie Pants or Swooppant.

High collar

Compared with the normal V-collar, the high collar is closed around the whole neck (up to the larynx).


Battery Pocket

Fitted on the thigh, with a side zipper for stowing small articles; e.g., an extra battery, so that you don’t "power out" even before you jump!


Seat reinforcements and knee reinforcements

Seat reinforcements and knee reinforcements are made of parapack and protect the suit from wear and tear when sitting and kneeing in the aircraft, during landing and packing.


Knee pads

Knee pads are made from a special foam and protect the delicate knee area when jumping, landing and packing – originally designed for tandem masters "working suits".


Leg zippers

Leg zippers allow you to open the suit at the lower leg on hot summer days. Putting on the jump suit while wearing sport shoes is only possible with wide cut suits.



Booties are fitted out with anti-skid synthetic soles and side zippers. They are worn over the shoes. Due to their large surface area and rudder-like effect, booties achieve the highest level of performance for turning and forward movement.



Rushorders are finished in half the normal delivery time and are finished in half the normal delivery time.



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