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Freefly Pants

Our freefly pants are an alternative to the freefly suit and are ideal for warm summer days. They are worn together with a T-shirt and provide a super "anchor effect" when flying head down.

Their fashionable cut also makes the pants great to wear even after the day’s jumping. Double stitched front and back pockets are nice features. The funnel shaped leg closures are finished with velcro, preventing the pants from sliding up the leg during the jump and gives them a sporty look on the ground.

In addition to the usual color styling, diverse standard designs are available. Our freefly pants with modern jeanslook are cut to accentuate the waist and hips, a belt with a plastic buckle provides for continuous fine adjustment. The front zipper has a protective cover secured with a snapfastener and allows easy dressing and undressing.

The freefly pants are available in three fits:

  • slender
  • loose fit
  • extra loose


Certain designs come without the usual front pockets. Naturally, you can combine all styles of freefly pants with our freefly jacket, giving you one complete unit again.

Seat-, knee-reinforcements

are made out of durable parapack and protect the important areas from wearing out when sitting and kneeing in the aircraft, during landing and packing.


Cargo pockets

Cargo pockets are fashionably designed polycotton thigh pockets with velcro closures and are sewn onto the sides of the thighs.


Custom designs

Custom designs are finished to your specifications. Price depends on the amount of work involved. Please feel free to ask us for advice.



Rushorders are finished in half the normal delivery time.


  • seat-, knee-reinforcements Parapack
  • knee pads Parapack
  • freefly-grips
  • cargo pockets
  • double Polycotton
  • individual designs