Our Baggy suit (former standard freefly suit) is intended for various uses and is perfect for beginners. It is made entirely of high-quality polycotton, has an integrated elastic band in the waist area and Velcro cuffs on arms and legs.


The suit is available in three fits:

slim // normal wide // extra wide


In addition to the normal color scheme, we also offer various standard designs. We also implement cool designs created by you, as well as embroidery or advertising – the only limit for individual designs is the sewing technology.

Baggy Suit

for freefly, as multipurpose suit and for special ops

from € 340,- € (incl. VAT)




High collar

The high collar is closed all around compared to the normal V-collar (up to the level of the larynx).


Double Polycotton

The alternative for heavy "fast movers". Instead of an extra wide cut, a double layer of polycotton in the arm and leg area helps to slow the fall rate. In multiple layers, the material becomes stiffer, flutters less and thus creates more resistance.


Swoop cords

Swoop cords are hand loops that allow the generously dimensioned fabric in the upper body area to be spread like a wing. For camera jumpers: This "wing" flies more softly and indirectly compared to the standard camera wing.



Butt, knee and elbow reinforcements made of abrasion-resistant Parapack protect these sensitive areas from wear and tear when sitting and kneeling in the aircraft and during landing and packing.


Knee pads

Knee pads are made of special foam and protect the sensitive knee area when jumping, landing and packing.


Freefly Grippers

Our Freefly Grippers are made from Polycotton.


Custom made design

We manufacture individual designs according to your specifications, provided the construction of the suit allows this. Prices depending on the effort.



Rushorders are manufactured in half the normal delivery time.



Our delivery times vary depending on the order situation and the jumping season. The current delivery times are approx. 4 weeks.

Rushorders are made in half the normal delivery time. Please note that there are additional charges for express delivery.