Classic Double Zipper Suit

for accuracy jumpers, demo jumpers and special ops

from € 340 € (incl. VAT)

Our Double Zipper Suit corresponds to the classic jumpsuit from the beginnings of sport parachuting. The open, full-length zippers enable quick and easy on and off, even with high sports shoes or jumping boots.




High collar

The high collar is closed all around compared to the normal V-collar (up to the level of the larynx).


Butt / knee reinforcement

Butt and knee reinforcements made of strong Parapack protect the suit from wear and tear when sitting and kneeling in the aircraft and during landing and packing.


Knee pads

Knee pads are made of special foam and protect the sensitive knee area when jumping, landing and packing.


RW grippers

Our standard RW grippers in the upper arm and thigh area are made of Parapack.


Cargo pockets

Cargo pockets are thigh pockets made of polycotton in a trendy design with Velcro fasteners that are sewn onto the side of the thigh. Other pockets, e.g. in the upper body area, are possible.


Custom made design

We manufacture individual designs according to your specifications depending on the construction of the Double Zipper Suit. Prices depending on the effort.



Rushorders are manufactured in half the normal delivery time.



Our delivery times vary depending on the order situation and the jumping season. The current delivery times are approx. 4 weeks.

Rushorders are made in half the normal delivery time. Please note that there are additional charges for express delivery.