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We do research in the wind tunnel. Not only vertically, also horizontally ;-).

As part of a cooperation project and in collaboration with the Institute for Textile Machinery and Textile High-Performance Materials Technology (ITM) and the Institute for Aerospace Technology (ILR) at the TU Dresden, we are working on improving our suits for indoor sports.

For this purpose, our project partners tested various materials for indoor combinations with regard to physical textile properties (such as strength, abrasion, air permeability), sustainability and wearing comfort, and measured the Cw values ​​on measuring cylinders in the technical wind tunnel to find the best textiles with optimal performance and the best Finding performance for indoor flying.

In the meantime, our chief instructor and test pilot John Georgi was scanned using 3D technology and a body-sized test dummy was made from the digital data for the series of measurements in the technical wind tunnel.

The developed and manufactured combination prototypes were measured with the help of the test dummy in the technical wind tunnel. A particular challenge was to adapt and put on the suits for the body positions that are typical for indoor flying. At the same time, test pilot John completed the first live test flights with the prototypes in the sports wind tunnel of the Hurricane Factory in Berlin.

With the test dummy, various postures such as prone, supine, sitting positions and headdown were simulated and a large number of measured values ​​and experiences were collected.

More information about the results of the cooperation project with the TU Dresden and the resulting innovations will follow shortly.

The project is funded by the BMWI (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy).


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