RaptorX Suit

for formation skydiving

from € 495,- (incl. VAT)

The RaptorX is a top class jumping suit for the experienced formation jumper.

This suit has a the choice between 3 different bootie variants: AirLock // TwinCut // BladeCut


Further standard features of the RaptorX Suit are:

1. Low-wear reverse zippers with internal plastic spiral to protect against damage from wind tunnel nets and creeper boards.

2. 40mm Sure-Grip Competition grippers made of Cordura with soft filling.

3. Inside leg grippers, an inside pocket as well as knee and butt reinforcements made of Cordura.

4. Reinforced shoulder.


The reinforcements and non-slip Cordura grippers are made of durable Cordura, which contributes to the maximum service life of the suit. Our tailor-made fit with ergonomically pre-shaped knee area stands for maximum comfort with a sporty look. Our anti-skid synthetic sole ensures optimal bootie grip.


Bootie variants


AirLock Bootie

For better maneuverability. AirLock Booties have a frontal air inlet opening. This is used to fill an air chamber inside the bootie during the freefall. The back pressure achieved increases the volume of the bootie, which in turn leads to more thrust with the bootie. The AirLock booties are the largest booties (mega booties) that we offer. This bootie shape is less suitable for light jumpers and indoor flyers. Benefits: Noticeably improved maneuverability especially for the time immediately after the exit. Increased pressure when initiating and stopping turns without restricting the booties. Maximum forward travel with straight legs. Significantly increased separation range, thus additional security for all large formation jumpers.


TwinCut Bootie

Similar to the AirLock variant, TwinCut Booties have a frontal face, but without an air inlet opening. The TwinCut Booties are the all-rounders of our bootie variants and guarantee the simplest handling for all levels of experience. Benefits: Optimal maneuverability, high pressure when initiating and stopping turns, high forward travel when extending the legs. Large separation range.


BladeCut Bootie

BladeCut Booties with their extra large lateral rudder surfaces were specially developed for 4way teams and correspond to the earlier form of booties. A reinforcement cord runs inside the front edge of the profile to prevent the booties from deforming. This reinforcement line can be adjusted inside the bootie. Benefits: Compared to conventional bootie shapes, when interlacing the booties, they improve the direct, impulsive initiation and stopping of turns. The bootie shape supports turning on the spot, a frontal thrust as a side effect is minimized. An improved separation range compared to conventional booties.


More options


High collar

The high collar is closed all around compared to the normal V-collar (up to the level of the larynx).


Swoop Cords

Swoop cords are hand loops that allow the fabric in the upper body area to be spread like a wing (for heavy jumpers). Swoop cords are not possible with tight-fitting suits.



Slip-Ons are polycotton cuffs that are worn over spandex forearms and are used to vary the fall rate. They can be attached to the suit with a push button in the elbow area.



A small transparent pocket with Velcro for digital altimeters.


Double arm grippers

Double arm grippers can be grabbed from all directions during exit or team moves.


Two-colored grippers

Two-colored grippers are divided lengthways and can be choosen with two different colors.



A central piping can be added to the grippers as an optical application.


Knee pads

Knee pads are made of special foam and protect the sensitive knee area during fast moves in freefall and creeper training.

embroidery on sleeves


If desired, sponsors or company names can be embroidered on the suit.



Rushorders are manufactured in half the normal delivery time.



Our delivery times vary depending on the order situation and the jumping season. The current delivery times are approx. 4 weeks.

Rushorders are made in half the normal delivery time. Please note that there are additional charges for express delivery.