Bootie Pants

by rainbowsuits
  • for AFF-Teacher
  • for Camera-Jumpers
  • for Tandem-Pilots

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Bootie Pants

Especially for AFF instructors and tandem pilots we included the Bootie-Pants to our range of products. These Bootie-Pants can either be chosen with TwinCut- or AirLock-Booties and come standard with cordura knee reinforcements. As extra options cordura seat reinforcements, padded knees or cargo pockets can be selected. 

Seat-, knee-reinforcements

are made out of durable parapack and protect the important areas from wearing out when sitting and kneeing in the aircraft, during landing and packing.


Knee pads

Knee pads are made from a special foam and protect the delicate knee area when jumping, landing and packing – originally designed for tandem masters "working suits".


Cargo pockets

Cargo pockets are fashionably designed polycotton thigh pockets with velcro closures and are sewn onto the sides of the thighs.



Rushorders are finished in half the normal delivery time.

  • AirLock Booties
  • TwinCut Booties
  • seat reinforcements
  • cargo pockets
  • knee pads