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We tailor suits for parachutists - from individual design to custom-made.

Flywear Made in Germany.



A brand of rainbow design GmbH. Since 1995, rainbow design GmbH has been producing jump clothing for all aspects of parachute sport at the Fehrbellin airfield in the state of Brandenburg. The owners of rainbow design also operate a professional skydiving center with TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport GmbH. The experiences gained in the daily jump operation flow directly into the development and perfection of the products. Many years of close cooperation with top-class competition jumpers also serve to continually develop competition-oriented clothing. The range of products offered by rainbow design is constantly growing. Other products for sporting records, TV productions or military applications are also on offer. rainbow design is Germany's largest and by far the most experienced manufacturer of parachute combinations and is one of the most innovative developers in this field. Distribution takes place either online, directly on site in Fehrbellin or through one of our dealers. Different styles, occasional hobbies, committed competitive sports or professional requirements - all have an impact on the choice of combinations and options. What we manufacture are dimensionally accurate quality products that are to meet the high demands. Basically, we therefore recommend the order through a dealer - he supports the measurement, in the choice of materials and the design. For many years there has been great trust in our products, there is a wide network of dealers both at home and abroad. By the way: We are constantly striving to expand our dealer network at home and abroad. If interested, please contact Uwe Reichert.