Swoop Pants & Shorts

by rainbowsuits
  • Canopy Swooping
  • long & short pants

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Swoop Pants & Shorts

Specially constructed for canopy-swooping our swoop-pants protects knees and buttocks during pretentious landings. The knees are made from parapack with a foam as padding. The seat area is also made from parapack and has removable foam-protectors. With the leg zippers you can tighten up the lower leg area for reduced drag.

The pants are tailor-made with your custom-colors. Our swoop-pants can also outfitted with velcro cuffs for freefly jumps.

Custom designs

Our swoop-pants can also outfitted with Velcro cuffs for freefly jumps.



RemovableDeploymentSystem-pocket to stow away your slider and pilotchute is also optional.


3/4 swoop-shorts

The swoop pants is also available as a 3/4 swoop-shorts.



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