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For Freeflyers

The fit of the DRAGSTER meets the pretension of the new freefly generation, the construction consists of two- and threelayered modern fabrics.The outer fabric SIPLEX is a long lasting material with good grip and offers high versatility for the user.

Spandex parts in the back area guarantee also versatility and emphasize the modern slim style.Collar and cuffs for arms and legs are made from spandex as well. The customer can choose the colors for piping, collar and sewing thread.

The suit is available in two styles:

  • slim fit
  • loose fit


Seat- and knee-reeinforcements

Seat- and knee-reeinforcements are made out of durable cordura and protect the important areas from wearing out when sitting and kneeing in the aircraft, during landing and packing.



Leg-grips in the upper thigh area ensure a good grip even with a tight fitting jumpsuit.


Cordura arms and legs

Cordura arms and legs will slow down fastfalling freeflyers due to higher drag and stability.



Rushorder are finished in half the normal delivery time



  • seat- and knee-reeinforcements
  • freefly-grips (arm and leg grips)
  • cordura arms and legs