Classic DoubleZipper Suit

by rainbowsuits
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Classic DoubleZipper Suit

Our DoubleZipper Suit is the classic jump suit from the beginnings of the sports industry.

The opening zippers enable quick and easy dressing and undressing even with high sport shoes or jump boots.

High collar

Compared with the normal V-collar, the high collar is closed around the whole neck (up to the larynx).


Seat- and knee-reeinforcements

Seat- and knee-reeinforcements are made out of durable cordura and protect the important areas from wearing out when sitting and kneeing in the aircraft, during landing and packing.


Knee pads

Knee pads are made from a special foam and protect the delicate knee area when jumping, landing and packing – originally designed for tandem masters "working suits".



Our RW handles in the upper arm and thigh area are made of Parapack.


Cargo pockets

Cargo pockets are fashionably designed polycotton thigh pockets with velcro closures and are sewn onto the sides of the thighs.


Custom designs

Custom designs are finished to your specifications. Price depends on the amount of work involved. Please feel free to ask us for advice.



Rushorders are finished in half the normal delivery time.



  • Hoher Kragen
  • Hintern-/Knieverstärkung
  • Cargotaschen
  • Standard-RW-Griffleisten
  • Kniepolster