Airtherm Suit

by rainbowsuits
  • for cold days
  • for riding a motor bike
  • for skiing and hang gliding
  • or just as leisure suit

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Airtherm Suit

Known as "warm wear" or "thermal suit"...  This suit guarantees outstanding heat insulation. It is worn under your normal jumpsuit. The Airtherm suit is constructed from a 3-layered, breathable, water resistant and windproof laminate material. The material has an especially smooth surface and is compressible, facilitating dressing/undressing and insuring wearer comfort, even under tight fitting clothing. Extra high collar, elastic cuffs on arms and legs, two outside pockets and a two-way zipper for the male version are standard.

Although it was especially designed for skydiving, the Airtherm suit is also used for other purposes like motorbiking, skiing, kite flying or as casual clothing. Whether you wear it on top, or underneath, it’s the perfect dress for cold and windy weather.

The offered choices of colors for the Airtherm suit can be combined with each other as you like. The zippers and cuffs can also be choosen in different colors.


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