Frequently Asked Questions

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Repair Service


We are receiving more and more suits for change or repair, which we are of course happy to carry out for you, if provided that it is still sensible and feasible. Here are some tips for faster processing:


How can I have my suit repaired or modified?


It's easy:

Send your freshly washed suit to our address. Don't forget to add the completed form for changes / repairs, so that our production can start immediately. 


Important instructions:

Unwashed suits will be returned unprocessed! Damage fixed with gaffer or duck tape (tape in general) is not processed, the adhesive residues damage the sewing machines and needles. The same applies to all types of adhesives.

  • << Download form for changes and repairs

How do I wash my suit correctly?


Please note the sewn-in washing instructions. We always recommend washing as gently as possible, e.g. at 40°C in the delicate wash program. Commercial detergents without fabric softener are suitable as detergents.



Please no chemical cleaning, no bleaching, no use of dryers, as this will damage the coatings of the fabrics and filler materials (e.g. grips).


How and when do I pay the change / repair costs?


After receiving your order you will receive a confirmation email from us in which we will tell you how long the present delivery time will be. Usually it takes 5–6 weeks, for rush order about 3 weeks.

We will inform you before completion of your suit by email and send you an invoice in advance. As soon as we have received your payment, the goods will be delivered.